Use Mediation and Arbitration instead of Courts
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eMediate - Online Mediation
About Us

eMediate is a non-profit organization operating in "cyberspace". This means that we have no "brick and mortar" buildings, which translates into cost savings for you.

eMediate is not a court, nor do we offer legal representation. We have not been sponsored (i.e. "bought and paid for") by any industry or business. This means we have no hidden agendas or ulterior motives.

We respect and protect your privacy and our own privacy.

Our Examiners (arbiters and mediators) are chosen from a pool of people whose reputations have proven them to be fair and knowledgeable in business, real estate, economics and law.

It is our aim to provide cost effective, speedy, and fair assistance in helping you resolve your differences.

We look forward to serving you.
Mediation and Arbitration - alternatives to costly lawsuits
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