Use Mediation and Arbitration instead of Courts
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eMediate - Online Mediation

1. Initiate arbitration (self-directed mediation)
2. Respond to claim (self-directed mediation)
3. Initiate Examiner mediated
4. Respond to Examiner mediated
5. Initiate Binding Arbitration, interim decision
6. Respond to Binding Arbitration, interim decision
7. Initiate Binding Arbitration, final decision
8. Respond to Binding Arbitration, final decision
$ 25.00
$ 25.00

* Steps 3-8 include one day of examiners time. If additional days are required, multiply the amount times the number of days.
** If the complexity of your case requires additional examiners (as in a panel) or specialized expertise, the rates will increase accordingly. Request an estimate first.

Each step must proceed in order. For example, arbitration cannot be initiated before completion of mediation, and examiner mediation can not be initiated before self-mediation.

Small claims would probably not proceed past the first step ($25.00). The odd numbered steps are paid by the Claimant, the even numbered steps are paid by the Respondent

Since we operate on a flat fee basis, we have no incentive for making larger awards. However, if you are happy with our services, donations are always happily accepted.

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Mediation and Arbitration - alternatives to costly lawsuits
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