Use Mediation and Arbitration instead of Courts
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eMediate - Online Mediation

eMediate is a non-profit organization operating in cyberspace to provide an alternative to lawsuits and attorneys. This is accomplished through private, online mediation and arbitration (alternative dispute resolution). With eMediate you will eliminate government and attorneys from participating in your affairs. This will be cheaper, easier, faster and more fair. It will also be completely private and probably less contentious and less aggravating.

Our name is pronounced "immediate", because that is how soon we would like your dispute resolved and "e-Mediate", because that is what we do.

Whenever two or more people interact, there is the possibility of disagreement. Sometimes these disagreements escalate into a dispute that can't be easily resolved. There are two extreme "solutions". At one extreme, do nothing and try to forget it happened. At the other extreme, have an attorney file a lawsuit and let the courts decide. Private alternative resolution by eMediate is between these two extremes, making use of mediation and arbitration.

Remember, if you want to use eMediate, it is best to make plans BEFORE entering any contract.

To learn more about how this works, go here.

Mediation and Arbitration - alternatives to costly lawsuits
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